Access Bars™ Practitioner Class

January 20th Access Bars™ Practitioner Class

Angelgift Center
3683 St Rt 152
Dillonvale, Oh

facilitated by Rev Carol E Borkoski
pre-register from 10:30-5:00pm

fee first time practitioners $350.00

Access Bars™ the fastest method of creating and generating a new life and new views for you.

32 points on your head when lightly held delete old patterns that no longer work for you. It is the delete buttons for your brain. Access Consciousness™ is the fastest growing format for creating greater consciousness in the world.

A wonder filled tool to change your life, your family and your clients.

You will receive two complete Access Bars™ sessions, professional manual, laminated head chart, prof. certificate and your name on the Access Bars™ website.