Goddess Weekend, September 12th and 15th, 2019

Ladies week-end connecting with the Divine Mother Goddess.

Sacred Goddess

Sophia Code

Spiral Meditation a time of reflection and letting go

Creating your own personal sage bundle, Henna Art and Edging out Negativity

Connecting and Anointing To The Divine Feminine

Morning Yoga and Dance

Goddess of Change

The Art of Being a Goddess

Spirit Circle and Messages From Your Goddess

Pampering and Fun….

Inspirational Writing

The Joy of Being You

Thursday Sept. 12th from 6:00pm thru Sunday Sept 15th at noon.

Includes rooms to sleep in, wonderful food prepared by Kay MacKinnon and an amazing time of alignment, re-calibration and celebration.

Pre-registration is a must call Carol or Vicky or message either one of us. Fees for week-end Shared  bedroom $250. private bedroom all to yourself $300.

Austin Lake is beautiful cabins are new with all the comforts of home.
Hosted by Carol E Borkoski and Vicky Kimble