Meet Steph at the Canton Holistic Health and Psychic Fair

I was fortunate and blessed to have family on both sides that believed in
psychics and their gifSteph Canton Holistic Health and Psychic Fairts and the paranormal. To be raised that is was good
to “trust your gut instincts” and that we all had our way of “knowing” things
and to listen to them. It was especially interesting to find out that my great
grandmother (whom I never met) was a “reader of the cards” herself.

My lifelong interest or “calling” in metaphysics, psychic abilities and mediumship
led me to a self-discovery and has taken me through a growing and healing process
which strengthened and developed my spiritual and intuitive path.
Healing holistically through herbs, meditation and energy healing
and “continuing education” has honed and conditioned my skills to trust in
Creator, to trust my divine self and to walk in the beauty of my truths;
always for the greater good I am certified in Angel Ray healing practitioner,
Reiki Master and a Bioridian practitioner.
I am an intuitive reader using different oracle decks.
I host “spirit circle” 3nd Tuesday of each month at the Stow-Monore Library
with many others who are honing their psychic and mediumship gifts along with
connecting to loved ones and spirits who are looking for guidance on their own
journey.Steph Canton Holistic Health and Psychic Fair

I am also involved with S.I.G.H.T of Ohio a paranormal investigation team that
take a different approach as we know and believe “ghosts” do exist. We don’t have
to prove it, and we accept them as they are and help them if needed.