Carol, you were right on . You told me I would be moving west and I would love it and connect with like minded people. I did I am living in Hawaii and loving it. You said I would change living arrangements and right after that I moved from a friends apt. into my own place that is awesome.

You also said love was coming soon and it did on quiet adventure. The 1st one showed me what I really wanted and the 2nd relationship is over the top perfect. Thank you G. Stanley

Carol the last time I was with you. You assisted me as we worked with the QuantumPathic Energy Field. My life changed thru your assistance I released old patterns that held me stuck for years. Issues I never realized I would love and step out of the old patterns and take flight. Your work truly is divinely inspired and heavenly tools of working with our angels. Tiffany

Carol, You came into our lives when we needed to hear from our little son who passed very fast. The evidence and mannerism ,words and things that you brought forth proved to us ur little one is still with us watching, playing an interacting. You gave us our son back and more importantly you saved our lives. An brought our family together. With love and respect.
The B family

Carol, your reading rocked my soul. You brought my mother through just as I knew her. What great joy of hearing her new life and sharing her joy of being able to communicate with me through you. My mother and I now feel so much better.
Thank you. – Mary

Carol, through her mediumship abilities, brought through my mother and sister who are in Spirit. I could feel their loving presence and energy through Carol and factual details that only the two would know and do. Carol is such a delight in helping others by transporting information of such depth through feelings, love and healings so both sides of life can heal.
Thank you, Carol. Dan

Carol is truly a gifted talented Angel Medium Communicator. She helped me connect to my angels, their names and my loved ones. Since I have had a reading with Carol my life has been changed for the best. Through Carol and her Grace with the angelic realms, including her love of the Arch Angels and communication with the Ascended Masters, all the emotional pain of separation is gone. I now know that I am not alone, how special I am and how much I am loved. Thank You Carol, you are an excellent teacher, healer and reader.
Love, Elaine

Carol’s reading gave me such hope and peace. As she connected me with the pieces of information I needed to know my foster son was coming home and in one piece. Her angels and guides connected with my higher-self and my guides to describe to me what was going on and to bring back the pieces of the puzzle that I needed. What a relief to me as a mom. It all worked out as she said it would. Thank you, Carol, for the work you do in love. – Lori

After my session with Carol I felt as though a weight was taken off of my shoulders. Things she knew and shared with me from Spirit about my daughter was amazing. Thank you Mary.

Thank you for coming to our home. I felt good with the validations from Spirit of my loved ones and how proud they are of me and helping me move on. I felt their love flowing through you and touching me. An amazing experience.

Thank you Connie

Thank you Carol, for bringing through my daughter and reassuring me with validation she is alive on the other side of the veil we call death. My heart has healed because of her message through you