Rev. Carol Borkoski      

The light is always with you...

Carol Borkoski is a clear channel of love and light.  A gifted evidential  medium and healer. With 25 years of experience, she brings forth messages from the otherside, painting vivid description of your deceased loved ones, archangels, or ascended masters to bring clarity and understanding to your life.

"Come to the edge", she called. 

"No, we are afraid!  "
"Come to the edge! "

"They came, she pushed them, and they flew."

Love is to touch and heal the soul....

As a medium, reader and teacher Carol is here to be of service to God, Angels, you and your deceased loved ones and pets. Receiving messages filled with love, guidance, light and laughter, know love last forever heals many wounds.
I have the opportunity to work with many wonderful gifted teachers and experienced many angelic intervention and activations.

I love seeing people's lives change as they receive messages of love and light from their angels and deceased loved ones and pets.

Carol offers services to help you along your path

In person and phone Angel-Evidential Medium Readings 
Angel-Evidential Medium Reading Parties

Spirit Message Gatherings 

Reiki and Healing Modality
Angel Therapy Practitioner - ATP®  
        Color, Light and Sound Therapy 

Seminars and Workshops 
Holistic Psychic Fair Promoter
Weddings and Baby Dedications 
Office and Home Blessings
Hand Painted Inspirational cards

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Holistic Health & Psychic Fair 2017

Mar 5th
Lafayette Hotel Marietta, Oh

Mar 18th and 19th 
J S Knight Center
Akron, Oh
Apr 2nd
Days Inn
St. Clairsville, Oh
May 6th
Scope Center
Warren, Oh
Aug. 13th
Lafayette Hotel
Marietta, Oh
Aug. 26th
Southgate Hotel Cambridge, Oh
Sept. 9th
Scope Center
Warren, Oh
Sept 21-24th
Ladies Week-end
Austin Lake, Oh
Oct 1st 
Days Inn 
St. Clairsville, Oh
Nov. 4th
Scope Center
Warren, Oh

Nov 11th-12th
Dec 3rd
Lafayette Hotel
Marietta, Oh


Carol's book of art messages from spirit and insights to guide your life and laugh out loud and inner healing as well.  Personally autographed to you with a message from spirit $25 includes mailing. e-mail with request

Loving Insight cards

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A true friend warms with her presence, you can trusts with her secrets and she remembers you in her prayers.